Korean Food

7th May 2013

Eating in Korea should be fairly easy. The streets are packed with tons of good food. But there could be a few difficulties from time to time.

Food Time! GO GO! 

  • If you're a vegetarian, it might be hard on you as the Koreans do not have a vegetarian meal. Even if you tell them "No meat" there's a possibility of you finding a small piece in your food. 
  • There is such thing as a specific "Korean Breakfast" anymore. 
  • In Traditional Korea, Koreans often ate rice with soup and other side dishes to for breakfast. But now, most modern Koreans eat bread, cereal etc.
  • Bread in Korea particularly sweet.
  • Pizza in Korea taste different as well.
Street Food
Often, while walking around Korea, it's common to find small carts on the streets, selling snacks of all sorts.
These are highly convenient, especially when you're hungry but don't want to eat a large meal. Here are some of the most popular Korean Street food.

  1. Ddok-bokki- Korean Spicy Rice Cake.
    This particular dish is something that you can easily find in every street stand in Korea. It is basically long rice sticks, cooked in a spicy Korean sauce and vegetables.
    Sexy Korean Food Shot of Ddok-bokki.

  2. Odeng- Fishcake on a stick. A Korean favourite. If you're a Korean Drama fan, you would recognize it from Boys Over Flowers, where Goo Jun Pyo gets his first taste of Korean Street food (Episode 9). 
    Boys Over Flowers Episode 9. - Goo Jun Pyo and Odeng.
    Cute eh? One of my favourite scenes.

  3. Kimbap- Rice and other ingredients rolled up in seaweed. Kind of similar to a Japanese Maki. Just, Korean. 
    Kimbap. My favourite Korean snack.

    Eunhyuk (Super Junior) eating Kimbap.

And More Facts about Korean Food Coming Soon!
Onew Approves.

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